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Women and Gender Studies Area Studies Certificate Also available 100% Online

Women and Gender Studies Area Studies Certificate: Cert

Department: Women and Gender Studies Program
College: College of Humanities and Social Sciences

The women and gender studies certificate program provides a broad base of study that addresses the intersecting issues of gender, age, race, ethnicity, class, regionalism, nationalism, and sexual identity as they affect women and men. The certificate is complementary to a wide variety of majors and gives greater depth to each student’s individual studies.

Traditional disciplines are reexamined through the lens of gender, including history, literature, psychology, sociology, political science, art history, and more. Students have the opportunity to attend lectures and workshops outside of the classroom to gain further exposure to issues related to women and gender.

A flexible, interdisciplinary academic program, women and gender studies is unique at USU in bringing together women and men of all ethnicities and sexual identities to explore the many ways in which gender influences people’s lives and world views. Courses focus on the role of gender in human culture, examining the dynamics of sex roles and gender ideals, both historically and in the present. Through coursework and research, students engage in the study of femininities and masculinities from many perspectives and disciplines, as well as the social forces that construct these gender identities.

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The certificate program helps students view their individual majors through the perspective of women and gender issues. It is complementary to prelaw and premed plans of study, as well as journalism and communication, but students can benefit from coupling this certificate with any degree. Career options available to students depend on their individual major, but the communication, research, and analytical skills developed in women and gender studies make students even more marketable.

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Select degrees and programs are not available at all Utah State University locations. Please contact a regional campus advisor to verify program availability.

If you are intending to complete this program online outside the state of Utah, please review our state authorizations to see if this program is offered in your state.
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