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USU/Hadley Online Program of Study in Blindness: Cert

Department: Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education Department
College: Emma Eccles Jones College of Education & Human Services

The USU/Hadley Online Program of Study in Blindness provides education in the area of blindness. The coursework was designed for paraprofessionals who work with children and youth who are blind or visually impaired, but it is also useful to parents, professionals, and blind consumers.  All courses are fully accessible.  After successful completion of all six courses, a Certificate of Completion of the program will be awarded and can be taken for undergraduate or graduate credit.

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Differential Tuition

The Emma Eccles Jones College of Education & Human Services may charge differential tuition for this program. Differential tuition is an added cost per credit for courses in the program. See the last page in the USU Tuition & Fee schedule for more information.

Select degrees and programs are not available at all Utah State University locations. Please contact a regional campus advisor to verify program availability.

If you are intending to complete this program online outside the state of Utah, please review our state authorizations to see if this program is offered in your state.